Sunday, February 20, 2011

Need other Resources For learning Cisco?

During my vacation I also took my chance browsing all over the internet, I'm surprise to see that in the internet, quite a lot of people claiming that didn't give them enough information about the devices in their home labs.
Sure Cisco did stop supporting some of the older devices, but they still keep the information about them including the configuration examples, etc. But maybe they did stop posting the information.
That's not what I want to post about now, just sharing my opinion. But I do want to post about some resources that provide you with the information about Cisco devices.
Two good resources are the Packet magazine and iQ magazine from Cisco, they're free to download. Too bad they stop issuing on new issues because they said they want to evolve their customer communications to a more interactive, web based model or something. Read here.
I really do prefer to read their magazines, although you can't get new issues now but you can still download them from Cisco.
Sure they're maybe outdated reviews, for me, I can still learn a lot from them. For example I found this article about connected home from Packet magazine, making all devices in your home connected.

I actually took advantage of the article and start running my business by offering people this connected home network, turns out to be quite good.
There are many interesting articles like IPTV, VoIP, etc.
If you're aiming for cisco exams, joining in forums is important to get more information from people experienced with the exam.
Some forums that I recommend are from proprofs, sadikhov, and of course cisco. These are three of tons of cisco/networking forums out there.
The key is to find the forum best fit for you, some forums have different culture, some have very helpful people to help you while there are also grumpy people you might meet also.
Keep the list small, if you're like me, I often got confuse because I registered to many forums out there, quality not quantity.

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