Sunday, January 15, 2017

Difference Between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

USB 3.0 Highlights and Benefits over USB 2.0

  • Transfer rates: USB 2.0 offers transfer rates of 480 Mbps, and USB 3.0 offers transfer rates of 4.8 Gbps — 10 times faster.
  • Addition of another physical bus: The amount of wires was doubled, from 4 to 8. Additional wires required more space in both the cables and connectors, so new types of connectors were designed.
  • Power consumption: USB 2.0 provides up to 500 mA whereas USB 3.0 provides up to 900 mA. The USB 3 devices provide more power when needed and conserve power when the device is connected but idling.
  • More bandwidth: Instead of one-way communication, USB 3.0 uses two unidirectional data paths, one to receive data and the other to transmit while USB 2.0 can only handle only one direction of data at any time.
  • Improved bus utilization: A new feature was added (using packets NRDY and ERDY) to let a device asynchronously notify the host of its readiness.

What does the 1Rx8 mean vs. 2Rx8 for RAM and are they compatible?

Q = Are a 4GB 1Rx8 PC3L 12800S and a 4GB 2Rx8 PC3 12800S compatible? What do 1Rx8 and          2Rx8 mean? Can I put them together?

A = 1Rx8 means the memory chips are on one side of the RAM module and 2Rx8 means the memory chips are on both sides of the RAM module.
Compatibility is generally not an issue in most cases. But you should go through the motherboard manufacturer's guide of supported RAM modules just to make sure if they are compatible or not.
Coming to the PC3 and PC3L part, PC3 RAMs requires an operating voltage of 1.5V whereas PC3L requires an operating voltage of 1.35V. The 'L' in PC3L signifies Low Voltage. So using PC3 RAM in a PC3L RAM slot will not provide it sufficient voltage and it will fail to operate. On the other hand using a PC3L RAM in a PC3 RAM slot may damage it due to overvoltage. So PC3 and PC3L RAMs are not compatible with each other.
So in short 1Rx8 PC3L 12800S and 2Rx8 PC3 12800S RAMs are not compatible with each other. But if it is only the 1Rx8 and 2Rx8 in concern, they may be compatible with each other but it's best to check the motherboard manufacturer's list of compatible RAMs.

How to create rule for Auto Reply in Mircrosoft Outlook 2013.

1. In Outlook, from the main window, click on the File menu. Click on Automatic Replies.

2. In the Automatic Replies window, click on Send automatic replies

3. If you would like the replies to be sent for a limited period of time, set the dates in the Start time and End time fields. 

4. Now edit the email template for the replies to your colleagues under the Inside My Organization tab. 

5. You can choose to activate the out-of-office automatic replies for your external contacts too. Click on the Outside My Organization tab and check the option Auto-reply to people outside my organization.
If you want to send the replies only to people in your contacts list, select My Contacts only. Otherwise, let the default option selected (Anyone outside my organization).

6. If you don't need any rules for your out-of-office time, click on OK to close the Automatic Replies window. Otherwise, go to the next step.

If you want to add rules to manage emails during your out-of-office time

7. Still from the Automatic Replies window, Click on Rules... and in the pop-up window, click on Add Rule...

8. Add your criteria under the When a message arrives that meets the following conditions section. Select the action(s) under the Perform these actions section. 

9. There are advanced options if you click on the Advanced... button. You can set them too. Click on OK when done. 

10. Click on OK in the Automatic Reply Rules window, and then on OK in the Automatic Replies window. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to set up auto reply in outlook 2003/2007/2010?

et auto reply outlook express 1
2. In Outlook 2003, select File >> Save As... from the menu; In Outlook 2007, click the Office button.
et auto reply outlook express 2
3. Select Outlook Template under Save as type:.
et auto reply outlook express 3
4. Select Tools >> Rules and Alerts... from the menu in Outlook window.
et auto reply outlook express 5
5. Click New Rule...
et auto reply outlook express 6
6. Select Start from a blank rule and make sure Check messages when they arrive is selected, and click Next.
et auto reply outlook express 7
7. Check Where my name is in the To box under Select condition(s), and click Next.
et auto reply outlook express 8
8. Check reply using a specific template under Select action(s), and Click on a specific template under Edit the rule description.
et auto reply outlook express 9
9. Select User Templates in File System under Look In:, select the template that created before and click Open. Click Next.
et auto reply outlook express 10
10. Check Except if it is an Out of Office message under Select exception(s), and click Next.
et auto reply outlook express 12
11. Type a name for your auto reply rule under Specify a name for this rule, and click Next.
et auto reply outlook express 13

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Converting USB file system from FAT32 to NTFS

The first thing you will want to do is plug in your USB drive or other drive that you want to convert to NTFS. Once it is plugged in, and you can see it in your "My computer" then you will want to right click on the drive and choose properties. Under the general tab you will see what type of file system the drive has; if your drive is FAT then we need to format the drive to FAT32 so we can then change it to NTFS. If your drive is already FAT32 skip to the next step Converting FAT32 to NTFS.
Right Click on the drive
Choose Format
Under File System choose FAT32
Check Quick Format
Click Start
Windows will format the drive into the FAT32 style; this could take some time depending on the size of the drive you are formatting. My 8GB thumb drive took about a minute. Once it is formatted to FAT32 next we will format it to NTFS.
Converting FAT32 to NTFS
Now we will want to convert the FAT32 drive into NTFS. To do this we need to run a command line format that will convert the file system for us.
Go to Start>>Run
Type CMD
Type CONVERT E: /FS:NTFS ("E:" represents the USB or drive you are changing you letter might be different please make sure you have the correct drive letter)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Steps to solve the "file is too large for destination file system."

These directions don't work to solve this problem because I cannot "right click on command prompt." I don't see how to do that following the "click System Tools" step.  What should I be looking for? Nothing I click on brings up the "run as adminstrator" option. HELP!!

Let’s try converting the drive to a NTFS and NoSecurity setting. This can be done by:
·         Click the Start Orb
·         Click All Programs
·         Click Accessories
·         Click System Tools
·         Right click Command Prompt
·         Click Run as Administrator
·         Enter the command, convert <drive> /fs:ntfs /nosecurity (<drive should be the drive letter of your external hard drive, for example convert F: /fs:ntfs /nosecurity )

Creating Wi-Fi HotSpot in Windows 8 – Share Laptop Internet Connection

Let’s find out that whether your wifi card supports sharing or not for this go to search and open up CMD in the administrator mod. For opening CMD in administrator mode you need to right click it and then open the cmd in “Administrator Mode“.
After you have opened cmd write the following command and look for the thing mentioned in the screen shot that whether it’s written yes or no. It it’s yes then you can go on “It means that you can enable the hotspot and can share your internet connection.
Command to Check Sharing Compatibility of wifi network for windows 8:
netsh wlan show drivers
Now find the following , hope so that you will find a yes!
Check sharing ability of the wifi card

Creating The Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Don’t close the cmd as you are going to use cmd again. Following is the command line to create the hotspot, set the password and name it as you want too.
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=nameOfwifiHotspot key=yourpassword
The above is the command to create the hotspot. Replace “nameOfwifiHotspot” with the desired network name and replace “yourpassword” with the desired password which will be used by the others to connect to the hotspot.
Creating the hotspot in windows 8
Press the enter and hotspot will be created.

Starting the Wi-Fi Created Hotspot in Windows 8:

Now you need to start the hotspot, again you are going to need the cmd and the cmd must run in the administrator mode. Write the following command in the cmd to start the above created hotspot.
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
Enabling Wifi hotspot in windows 8
Press enter and the hotspot will be created and will be discoverable by the other devices as well.

Sharing the working internet connection with the windows 8 Wi-Fi hotspot:

All Right, everything has been done and now you only need to give your laptop’s internet connection’s access to the created hotspot, so that any user connected to the hotspot will have the internet access also. For this reason you will need to open the windows networking and sharing center.
Windows 8 searching the network and sharing center
Open up the network and sharing center, and then go to “Change adapter settings” on the top left pane. Click that to open. Here you will see your created hotspot connection plus the connection which you want to be shared with the hotspot for the internet sharing. The created hotspot connection has the star with the name. You need to open the properties of the connection which you want to be shared with the hotspot.
Networking adapters windows 8
Right click and open the properties of the connection which has the internet access and is the original internet connection of the laptop, whether it’s a dialup, local area network or anything like that. Go to the sharing tab in the properties and then tick the “Allow other network users to connect through this pc internet connection” and in the drop down below, select the hotspot connection which is “Local Area connection *21” in my case and then hit ok. Re-dial the connection or else reconnect the internet connection if needed.
Sharing internet connection with hotspot
That was it and you are done, the password to connect with the hotspot is the same which you used while setting up hotspot in the cmd. If you can’t still share the internet then reason are that firewall or an antivirus is causing the problem, try disabling the firewall if you trust the person with whom you are sharing the hotspot or else try adding an exception int he firewall or antivirus.

Update: Resolve your wifi hotspot errors like “The hosted network could not be started”:

After receiving a lot of error reporting in the below comments of this post, I have written an article on how can you resolve errors which retain your from creating a successfull internet connection shared wifi hotspot on windows 8 or windows 7, read detailed guide: