Monday, February 21, 2011

Adding Switch to Cisco Home Lab 1

So I was sitting and thinking about what to post next in my blog, and hey why not continuing on the last posts about setting up Cisco home lab.

The network topology might not be the best topology for CCNA home lab, but the configuration should be similar with any other topologies.

Let's take a look at the last network topology where I connected 2611 router to the cable internet:
I'm going to add a Cisco switch, 2950 Cisco switch that is. And I'll be adding some VLANs to it, I'll separate the PCs in my LAN into four different networks.

  • VLAN 5 as the native VLAN - network
  • VLAN 10 for the office - network
  • VLAN 20 for the home - network
  • VLAN 30 for wireless - 192.168.30 network
In network diagram view, you can see it like this:
This is just a very simple network diagram, but most SOHO networks are typically look like this, maybe with some additional switches here and there.

You can see above the details of the network with exception of the wireless network, I'll leave the wireless network configuration for later posts but still provide a VLAN for wireless connectivity.

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