Sunday, January 15, 2017

How to create rule for Auto Reply in Mircrosoft Outlook 2013.

1. In Outlook, from the main window, click on the File menu. Click on Automatic Replies.

2. In the Automatic Replies window, click on Send automatic replies

3. If you would like the replies to be sent for a limited period of time, set the dates in the Start time and End time fields. 

4. Now edit the email template for the replies to your colleagues under the Inside My Organization tab. 

5. You can choose to activate the out-of-office automatic replies for your external contacts too. Click on the Outside My Organization tab and check the option Auto-reply to people outside my organization.
If you want to send the replies only to people in your contacts list, select My Contacts only. Otherwise, let the default option selected (Anyone outside my organization).

6. If you don't need any rules for your out-of-office time, click on OK to close the Automatic Replies window. Otherwise, go to the next step.

If you want to add rules to manage emails during your out-of-office time

7. Still from the Automatic Replies window, Click on Rules... and in the pop-up window, click on Add Rule...

8. Add your criteria under the When a message arrives that meets the following conditions section. Select the action(s) under the Perform these actions section. 

9. There are advanced options if you click on the Advanced... button. You can set them too. Click on OK when done. 

10. Click on OK in the Automatic Reply Rules window, and then on OK in the Automatic Replies window. 


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