Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How can we block diffrent website using window 7

Following are the steps by which you can block certain website with passwords

Step 1
Click Start > Control Panel > Internet Options.

Step 2
Click the "Content" tab on the top toolbar and select "Parental Controls." Click "Create a New User Account." To set parental controls and block web content, you must create a new user account.

Step 3
Enter the new account name and click "Create an Account." If you are creating an account for a child, enter her name.

Step 4
Select "On, Enforce Current Settings" under the Parental Controls option. Click "Block Some Websites or Content." Click "Windows Vista Web Filter."

Step 5
Click the "Edit the Allow and Block List" link. Enter the website address into the space bar and click "Block." Click "OK" to close.

Step 6
Restart the computer. Click the new user name icon and set the password at the log on screen. A password will now be required to access the specific websites that are blocked.

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