Thursday, May 5, 2011

Global Crossing Now Avaya SIP-Compliant

Global Crossing announced that its enterprise Voice over internet Protocol portfolio is fully compliant with Avaya’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephony products. SIP is an open signaling standard that allows carrier and enterprise voice equipment to interoperate over an IP network via SIP trunks. SIP trunk services are an enterprise networking category that uses new efficiencies in network design and capabilities via SIP-enabled applications. “We’re proud to be the first global service provider to receive SIP interoperability compliance certification from Avaya, “said Anthony Christie, Global Crossing’s chief marketing officer. GlobalCrossing is a member of the Avaya DeveloperConnection Program, which develops, markets and sells third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology. Eric Rossman, vice president, developer relations and technical alliances, Avaya called the announcement “a big step towards establishing SIP as an open standard for all signaling across both enterprise and service provider networks.” Global Crossing currently runs more than two billion minutes per month of VoIP traffic over its private, global backbone. Avaya’s Converged communications Server 3.0 and its SIP Enablement Services module works with Communication Manager software, the company´s flagship IP telephony software, supported by Avaya media servers, gateways and SIP telephones.


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