Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Configure Cisco Aironet in Lab 1

I've configured my Cisco home lab with a router that connects to cable internet and a switch with VLANs.
Now it's time to add a new device to the Cisco home lab, a Cisco Aironet 1240AG wireless access point for wireless connection.

And by the way, the image on the left is not an official logo from Cisco or anything, I just made that up.

I won't configure anything fancy this time, only give basic administration configuration and set up an open SSIDs also associate the SSIDs to VLANs.

Since I want to configure two SSIDs - one is free for all SSID with no authentication and the other one with authentication - for the wireless network, I need to configure additional VLAN on the switch.

I have already the VLAN 30 for the wireless network and want to add VLAN 40, so in total there would be 5 VLANs in my Cisco home network lab.

I made a network diagram with Cisco Aironet 1240AG wireless access point added in the picture below:

So lets start the configuration on the next post, there are some steps to complete this Cisco home lab network diagram if you haven't done so.

Starting from the wireless access point I'm going to configure the basic administration configuration such as the access point's management IP address, SSIDs and associate them to VLANs, optionally configure the authentication security options for the SSIDs, and establish trunk connection to the switch.

For the switch I'll configure VLANs and the trunk connection to the access point and the router.

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